3 Options for No Sweat Evangelism Training

No Sweat Training

Pick a path to get started

no sweat powerpoint


If you would like to do the training yourself, download this PowerPoint as a helpful guide.

no sweat video training

Video Training

Need a one-shot training on evangelism? Join Dr. Levi Skipper in this 45 minute video training session.

no sweat live training

Live Training

Want a certified trainer to assist you and your church?

No Sweat Evangelism Training

Video Training Course

Access our video training session and corresponding materials. Session led by Levi Skipper.

Enjoy the No Sweat Podcast Anywhere

The No Sweat Evangelism podcast is designed to help you make sharing your faith SIMPLE. Each episode is usually 10-15 minutes, with interviews ranging closer to 20 minutes, so they're easy to listen to several during a commute, on a walk, or just listening at home. Enjoy great conversations about faith, evangelism, and so much more.